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Envirco Mac 10 IQ HEPA Filters For Medical Labs

Classic Components Aug 1, 2019 12:14:39 PM


mac 10 IQ

MFG: Envirco 

Part Number: 11074-103

Quantity:  100 units

MOQ: 10 units

Price:  Call John for discount pricing +1 (603) 205-2003

Delivery: 1 week in US

Factory original boxes with traceability and warrantied

Description: Envirco Mac 10 IQ, Standard Non RSR, Size 24x48, 23.63” x 47.63”, High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) 99.99% 277 volt motor, UL 900 53mm Universal Control Card Modbus RTU to communicate To ACC 7152 

Industries that utilize it:

Medical Device Contract Manufacturers: Controlled manufacturing environments like Cleanrooms and other controlled environments are dedicated to medical manufacturing and use HEPA filtered conditions.

Medical Labs: Medical professionals and researchers work with hazardous and infectious agents every day. When they are researching new vaccines and treatments or performing tests on patient tissues, the HEPA filters remove microbes and other pathogens from the air they work in.

Clean Rooms: Cleanroom Manufacturing uses HEPA filters which help prevent bacteria and organisms in a positive air environment. 

Medical Marijuana Grow Facilities: Air filtration for cannabis production is important for because you need to control the air quality leaving your grow room and you need to control the air quality within your grow room. Odor control and air purification is a key factor in cannabis production. All grow rooms face issues with controlling odor and air purity and finding solutions to this is essential for running a cannabis production operation. 

Environmental Enclosures: Uses HEPA filters to protect workers from potentially hazardous fumes, vapors and odors. 


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