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Hundreds of Component Buyers Scammed by Fraudulent Websites

Classic Components Sep 24, 2019 4:30:29 AM

246_Fraud Alert

Malicious individual(s) are continuing to use premium Google placement to entice victims into placing orders that require advanced payment for goods which the perpetrators do not intend to ship. To date, ERAI has recorded losses totaling in excess of $300,000.00 and has notified appropriate law enforcement agencies. Organizations around the world and from various industry sectors have been, and continue to be, targets.

We have received additional website URLs and bank beneficiary names. As this scheme persists through the use of ever-changing pseudonyms and rotating bank accounts, ERAI is re-posting this message as a warning to any organization involved in the purchase of electronic components.

The perpetrators behind these fraudulent activities are believed to be operating the following sites as well as sites not currently known by ERAI:

WARNING: Some of these sites may contain malicious code and/or content.

Invoices received in response to orders placed via these websites or the Bank Beneficiary name provided include but are likely not limited to:

3 City Electronics
AYNX Electronics Limited
Bolan (Hong Kong) Trading Co., Ltd.
Components Center
Component HK
Dahong Industry Limited
Doco Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
Dynasty Digital Devices Co., Ltd.
Electronics IC
EMO Industry Limited
Fanno Electric Co., Limited
Fuerle Lighting Limited
FUDA Group Limited
General Surplus Electronics Co., Ltd.
Gotek Electronics Co., Limited
Great Way Lighting Limited
Guo Feng International (HK) Industrial Co., Ltd.
Haiyuan Electronic Technology Co., Limited
Hengjia Trade Co., Ltd.
Hengshi Enterprise HK Co., Limited
HengSun Industry (HongKong) Co., Ltd
HYT Ltd. aka Hong Kong HYT
Huifa Technology (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd.
I Win Ltd. aka I-Win (HK) Limited
IT Electronic Components Limited
Jisong Electronics
Jianrong Electronics aka Jian Rong Electronics Limited
Kin Do Industry (HK) Limited
Kong Chong Hing Electronics (Hong Kong) Limited
LCD Displays Distributor
Leader Lighting Industry
LHG Limited
Lijingyin Trading Limited
MD Power Technology
Mingsun Lighting Co., Limited
Miraca Industrial Co., Ltd.
New Riverside Co., Limited
Oland Technology Limited
Olympics Long Co., Ltd.
Polaris (HongKong) Int'l Limited
Power Technology
Qiying Electronics Co., Ltd.
Reliable HK Electronics
Reytech Industry Co., Limited
Risesun Technology (HK) Limited
Shengmao Trade Co., Ltd.
Siusai Technology (HK)
Sinhigh (HK) Technology Co., Limited
Sunclass Technology Limited
Sunhigh (HK) Technology Co., Limited
Sunhta Industry HK Limited
TSINQ International (HK) Co., Ltd.
Universal Parts (HK) Co., Ltd.
View Lighting Co., Limited
Viewled Optoelectronic Co. Ltd
Vance Nam Components Limited
Wahsung Co., Limited
Western Precision International Holding Co., Ltd
Wonder Industry Electronic Technology Limited
XinYu Technology Limited
YAKA (H.K.) Trading Co., Limited
Yixing Electronic (HK) Co., Ltd.

All of the victims wired payment in advance to bank accounts held with HSBC Hong Kong.  Law enforcement officials advised ERAI it is not uncommon for crime rings like this to use existing bank accounts belonging to third parties in order to receive payments.  In return, the actual account holder is paid a fee.  Enforcement officials indicated it is unlikely the criminals themselves are opening and closing these accounts which will make it more difficult to identify the perpetrators.   While new bank accounts are identified regularly, thus far the following bank accounts have been used to receive payments from victims and are considered extremely high risk:


The location of the perpetrators is unknown.  While the addresses appearing on the fraudulent websites, invoices, and quotes are regularly changing, the following address has been identified consistently as the beneficiary address on wire instructions and is considered extremely high risk:

Rm 603 6F Hang Pont Commercial Building
31 Tonkin Street, Cheung Sha Wan
Kowloon, Hong Kong

Risk Indicators

  1. These websites accept only payment in advance. Once payment is made, communications stop and goods are never delivered.
  2. The owner(s) of these sites purchase Google ads. If you Google a part number, it is likely the scam site will appear on either page 1 or page 2 of your Google search results.
  3. The sites falsely claim to be authorized distributors for major semiconductor brands.
  4. The sites falsely claim to be members of ECIA.
  5. The sites share almost identical language and, in some instances, are a mirror copy of one another.
  6. Obsolete and hard to find parts are identified as in “stock” at below market prices.


If you have done business with or have information about any of the above-named entities, please contact


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