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John Pallazola Apr 30, 2019 8:52:48 AM


Ronald Reagan was president, the Dow Jones just reached a record high of 1300, and The Breakfast Club was big in theaters. Technology was progressing at a prolific pace. Nokia had just released the first mobile phone, the 11 pound Mobira Talk-man and although Windows 1 was just released, the internet was still more than 5 years in the future. It was then, in 1985, that one of the oldest independent distributors for electronic components was founded.

Classic Components is old. We like to call it experienced. Back then there were curled paper faxes, heavy paper catalogs with stock lists, and the telephone. Sure, there were computers, but without the internet they were glorified rolodexes. That meant long days on the telephone trying to get the message out. Back then we left our doors unlocked, were excited when we got mail, and we answered the phone. With the advent of ubiquitous robodialers, telemarketers, and “networking”, people rarely answer the phone. We’ve evolved into a digital society. One where we can peruse the internet and find what we want when we want it. Supply Chain professionals in the electronic manufacturing realm are no different, albeit with many more restrictions to contend with.

For the past 35 years Classic has perfected the 3 main spokes of the EMS supply chain:

  • Electronic Component Shortages
  • PPV/Cost-Savings
  • Electronic Component Excess

Continually growing, improving and building a satisfied customer base has meant we've had to adapt and evolve ahead of the industry. Forward Thinking has enabled us to stay a step ahead of the competition and to remain one of the most stable and consistent members in the top 5 in the history of independent distribution. 

In 2018 We added 2 new key components under the Classic umbrella.

First, we addressed a need to digitally become customer-centric with the addition of Our Inbound Marketing Group (IMG)  Two-Transparent-color-version-Logo-Class-IMG-file enables us to convey what we are great at in a forward-facing way by getting content in blogs, videos, info graphics, and a multitude of other ways in front of the supply chain professionals who need it. Not on obscure and niche websites but on the major search engines. The desire was to have Google and Yahoo be one of our ways to connect with our customers. For example, let's say your company uses Micron Flash Memory and you are tasked with finding cost-savings on your BOM. You might search Google for:

 RC28F256J3F95A Discount

Go ahead and try it! You are likely to see the Classic logo show up right on page 1.

This is one of the powerful tools in our digital arsenal. Utilizing this methodology enables us to get our offers directly in front to the end users 64% of the time. That means eliminating middlemen that bloat the price. That also means higher returns, the highest returns possible, for our OEMs whom we help to sell their excess electronic components on a consignment basis. The success of our consignment programs necessitated a state of the art database that is updated real-time with all of our consigned, owned, and incoming inventory purchased only from certified and approved vendors. 

Two-Transparent-color-version-Logo-ChipsHunter-file-1 was integrated into the new website and launched contiguously this week! ChipsHunter is an online database of millions of real parts available through any of our 12 locations on 4 continents manned by seasoned professionals who are able to:

  • Assist and direct with TMI (Tariff Mitigation Initiatives) where we can ship directly from our International locations to any non-        domestic facility to avoid paying unnecessary tariffs.
  • Access regionally segregated inventories from franchised distribution sources 
  • Ensure quality utilizing our exclusive 72 point process at our certified inspection & test Hubs

Just this week we have rolled out our new site designed for ease of use and a better user experience. Without even scrolling down you can search for parts, or get help mitigating shortages, finding cost savings, or maximizing return on your excess. Have a look.

Check Out The New Website

About Classic Components

We maintain 12 global locations with over 100K sq feet in the US, Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, UK, and Germany which allow for extensive warehousing and logistical support globally. Classic also holds the industry’s strongest financial position, maintaining a 5A1 Dun and Bradstreet rating. Led by our seasoned management team, Classic continues to set the industry standard through our tireless commitment to customer service, high quality standards and industry-leading counterfeit detection methods.


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