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John Pallazola
Why "Flip" is a 4 Letter Word When it Comes to Your Electronic Component Excess

This past weekend I sold my kayak. This wasn't any kayak, it was special. It's..

John Pallazola
25% Mexican Tariffs, How Will it Affect Your EMS Company?

We are a global distributor of electronic components. We stock and source parts..

John Pallazola
How Does 64% Disrupt the Electronic Surplus Game?

When it comes to measuring success, percentages can be a fickle beast. Only 4%..

John Pallazola
Remaking a Classic 

Ronald Reagan was president, the Dow Jones just reached a..

John Pallazola
Top 5 Crucial Mistakes When Reselling Surplus Electronic Components

Shortage markets often throw a company's supply chain balance into havoc...

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